Although I am no longer racing at a professional level, I still owe a debt of gratitude to the companies who helped me during my racing career.  I would not have been able to race without the help of these fine companies. I thank them for their generous support and belief in me.  Please take the time to visit their websites and give them your support.  For any questions or product recommendations, feel free to contact me anytime.
Dimond has gone from a small upstart of a company to one of the best bike brands on the planet in only a few short years.  I rode their Marquise frame which includes all of the integrated storage I need for the Ironman.  If you haven't noticed, Dimond Bikes are taking over the world and your nearest triathlon.  With three different options and the almost-infinite ability to customize, there is a Dimond that is right for you.  Wind-Tunnel Proven to make you faster, I'm looking forward to T2 sooner than ever before!  www.dimondbikes.com

First Endurance makes the best nutrition products available and they continue to innovate with their PRO line. They work with Tour riders, ultra runners, and top triathletes to develop the best endurance nutrition on the planet and are always looking for ways to improve.  There is nothing but good stuff added to their products so you know everything going into your body is being used effectively. I use the complete system and it takes the guesswork out of fueling.  Check them out at www.firstendurance.com

This is the first company that took notice of me and stepped up to help me enhance my swimming speciality. Their Helix suit is the best wetsuit in existence and practically swims by itself. For non-wetsuit swims, their PZ4TX swimskin is second to none after improving on the PZ3.  blueseventy is also making some of the fastest swimsuits in the world designed for racing in the pool! How could I not want to represent this company?  Check them out at www.blueseventy.com

This is the greatest saddle on the market and it's all I need to stay comfortable all day long on the bike. Unlike normal saddles, these babies keep the pressure off the sensitive areas and keep me fresh for the run. Over the past few years, more and more pros are making the switch to this innovative saddle.  It's now common to see these saddles in the pro cycling peloton too.  If you're ready to make the switch yourself, visit the website at www.ismseat.com

I rode the incredibly stiff and fast Alto Cycling wheels including their all-new disc!  This relatively small start up company has already had some pretty incredible results due to their effective hub design and attention to detail.  I'll be racing their wheels for as long as I still compete and could not be happier to represent the company.  Send me a message for a discount code for their amazing wheels.  For more information, visit www.altocycling.com
Wattie Ink is storming onto the cycling and triathlon apparel scene with bold designs and quality craftsmanship.  Their suits are made in the USA and have already made a splash on podiums around the world.  I worked with Wattie to develop a kit that would complement my new Dimond bike and allow me to showcase my sponsors.  Check out their gear at www.wattieink.com

In my last season, I was riding with a Pioneer power meter and head unit.  I'm a huge data geek and the Pioneer unit provides me with all of the reliable, accurate data I need to make sure my training is on target.  After a few years of frustration on the power-meter front I was excited to utilize their quality product and Cyclo-Shpere analysis program.  Check them out at http://pioneer-cyclesports.com

Peluso Open water is one of the largest USMS programs in Virginia and a great resource for any swimmer looking to improve their open water or pool swimming prowess.  Quality coaching and great open water events makes their program second to none.  I'm happy to have Peluso Open Water in my corner.  Check out their program at www.pelusoopenwater.com

I find it extremely important to have a quality local bike shop to take care of my service needs and to provide a source of technical knowledge (which I am sorely lacking!).  I recently made the move to Carytown Bikes because I believe they have the best mechanics in town and provide an awesome atmosphere at their shop.  Sit and sip espresso while talking bikes?  Yes please! If in Richmond, be sure to stop in and say hello.  Visit their site at www.carytownbikes.com

Utopian Coffee is a small, premium coffee roasting company out of Fort Wayne, IN.  My good friend Brendon Maxwell works hard to provide the best coffee beans roasted and delivered within days of ordering.  I've become spoiled by their quality product and rarely start the day without a cup of their espresso.  They have a handy subsription feature with means you never have to worry about running out!  Check them out at www.utopaincoffee.com