Thursday, March 8, 2018

Training "Clinic"

I'm hosting a camp the first week of May in the Dallas area and have been spreading the word slowly to any interested parties.  As I reach out to people, I've found the preconceived notion of a high quality camp is mostly just a mult-day stage race where the strong survive and the weak need not apply.  While there are camps like that out there, I was told I should clarify that in reality I am hosting a week-long clinic!  The plan is to strip away all of the extra stress/distractions of life and allow everyone to simply focus on becoming better athletes.  In planning the week,  I don't have mileage goals or some sadistic intent to break anyone who is brave enough to join.  Instead, my goal is to address some of the shortcomings of trying to fit appropriate training into everyday life.  Of course there will be plenty of hard work, but that's generally not something that is missing the athletes who are looking at a camp! A few things on my list for the week:

1.  Easy runs where we will learn to appreciate the 'Kenyan Shuffle' and rides where your small chain ring gets a lot of love.  It's important to understand that not all training sessions are measured by the amount of work done.  Too many times 'easy' really means 'not race effort' and being able to control effort daily in person will correct that.  Hard workouts suffer as a result.

2.  Technical discussions about warm up, cool down, and form across all disciplines.  We will talk about it, do it, then talk about it again.  Many times online advice comes decoupled from the actual session and running a camp allows us to fix that.

3.  Focus on recovery and fueling.  We will be eating mostly at the house and preparing meals.  There will be discussion about what and why we are eating.  It won't be an afterthought after a long day of work but a main focus as it should be.

4.  Fun.  If you read the post I wrote a few months ago, I found that when my athletes are having fun they are performing well.  A week of focused training with great people around you is a fantastic way to jump start or re-discover your enjoyment of the somewhat grinding process of athletic improvement.  

If a week-long clinic sounds better to you than a week long epic camp and you can carve out a week May 1-6, feel free to reach out. We have a few empty beds left in our lake house!
You will do a lot of work, a lot of learning, and have a lot of fun. 

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