Thursday, March 8, 2018


Yin and Yang
Ebb and Flow
Inhale and Exhale
Systole and Diastole
Node and Antinode
Intensity and Recovery

When systems are in balance, there is a constant trade off between two opposing forces. Athletes who try to ignore one aspect of balance almost always get into trouble (or are tricked/lucky enough to somehow obtain balance without knowing it).  Just like it would be impossible to continually inhale and expect for your body to miraculously expel CO2,  it's not feasible to continually stress the body and somehow expect it to get the recovery it needs.  Unfortunately, training balance isn't quite as simple as it seems. No athlete exists in a bubble.  Work, Family, Sleep, Diet, etc can't be ignored and should be addressed when determining how to implement a training program. They are either a part of the 'stress' or 'recovery' side of the equation.  Just like chemistry class, make sure you balance your equation!

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