Monday, July 17, 2017

ISM PN 3.0 and First Endurance Evo1

As I'm getting back up to speed in the coming weeks, I plan to go over some of my favorite gear from my sponsors.  I've been lucky to have great support over the years and facing my latest setback has given me a bit more perspective about just how great that support is.  My plan is to post about a few products each week while I sit in my Normatec boots and lick my wounds from attempting to get fit.  The first two products I'd like to highlight are the new ISM PN 3.0 and First Endurance Evo1.  Both of these are relatively new to the market and both hit home runs.  Here are my thoughts:

ISM PN 3.0
Sometime last year, I wrote to ISM and outlined my perfect saddle.  I really liked the narrow PN 1.0 but the shape and support of the PS 1.0.  If the two saddles could somehow merge, it would be glorious.  Fast forward to this year and the PN 3.0 does almost exactly that, but actually improves on the features of the other two saddles.  I'm absolutely sure the saddle was in development for quite some time, but I'm going to choose to take credit for the incredible final product.

Getting back on the bike after abdominal and groin surgery was daunting and doing it on a new saddle may have been a bit crazy.  I started training slowly due to discomfort, but none of that discomfort came from the saddle.  The narrow front profile with the larger cut out eliminated any pressure or chafing.  Of course there was a break in period where my undercarriage had to get used to sitting on anything for 10+ hours/week, but the PN 3.0 made life as easy as possible.  

 Here are the PN 1.0 (left), PN 3.0, and PS 1.0 shapes next to each other.  You can see the larger cut out and lower profile is quite noticeable.  The rear flare allows for a bit of support and feedback when pushing the hips in the aero position.  It's my new favorite saddle and worth a try!

First Endurance is always looking for new products, but tends to be very cautious about releasing new stuff just for the sake of having something new.  Over the years, they have refined their products to create their PRO line but they have been iterative (though substantial) improvements on their existing products.  A long time ago, I was sent a few prototypes for a meal replacement that really seemed to be good but after the feedback period there wasn't any product announcement.  The time and care that went into making Evo1 perfect and certified vegan took longer than they had anticipated but the final product is worth the wait.  As a quick meal between workout sessions or as an on-the-go alternative to eating crappy fast food, this stuff is pretty great.

Generally, First Endurance is solely focused on performance nutrition.  With Evo1, they put that aside slightly and focused on healthy everyday nutrition.  You don't have to be a pro athlete to benefit from the formulation and you can be sure that the research behind their stuff is thorough.  I've been so impressed with Evo1 that I sent two boxes to my surgeon as a thank you for my procedure. It's perfect for anyone who is under stress and short on time.  

If you are looking for a nutritionally sound meal replacement, take a look at Evo1.  First Endurance managed to make it taste pretty good with all of the good stuff packed in.  Both the chocolate and vanilla flavors are good, but blending a bit of Utopian Coffee to the chocolate mix with milk and ice has proved to be close to perfection!


  1. what ISM saddle do you use for your road bike?

  2. I'm on a PN 3.0 for both bikes. The PN 1.0 came off the road bike and the PS 1.0 came off the TT bike. Position is different between the two bikes but the saddle fits both well.