Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mid-Season Break

Every year, I like to take a week or so after my first peak to relax and take a step back from training.  I've found this allows me to maintain my focus and speed deep into the second half of the season and looking back at my historical performance, I tend to perform better as the year goes on.  My plan from the beginning of the year had always been to take last week off and reset.  The idea was to really go after Raleigh 70.3 and Eagleman 70.3 then take a deep breath before jumping into the meat of Ironman Lake Placid prep.  According to plan, last week was always supposed to be off.  Unfortunately, the circumstances are much different than I had planned.
Mid-Season Break #1!
In my first ride after St. Anthony's I had to stop and adjust my seat 2-3 times to get comfortable.  It was strange because I've been on my trusty ISM saddle forever and my position on the Dimond hadn't changed.  I chalked it up to something being moved during transit and put it out of my mind.  Unfortunately, the next day was a repeat performance and I felt a mass on the left side of my groin.  I immediately called the doctor (well, Ashley) and set up an appointment.  I had an MRI done and found both a rare type of obturator hernia and a varicocele.  The pain/mass wasn't going away and training was basically at a standstill with increasing limitations both on the bike and run so I set up surgery as soon as I could.  We took a vacation to Charleston and I tried to relax as the countdown to the procedure started.
Minimally Invasive Surgery!
The procedure was the Tuesday after I was supposed to race Raleigh 70.3 and 4 days before Eagleman... Definitely not the week I had planned way back in January!  Luckily, everything went very smoothly and I hope to be back into the swing of things in short order.   It's incredible how little external damage was done and I was able to get away without using anything stronger than Ibuprofen after the procedure.  I took a trip down to the Cayman Islands to visit a few good friends and speed my recovery, which was just what the doctor ordered!  My follow up appointment is this Thursday and I'm optimistic I'll be given a green light to ease back into training.
Mid-Season Break #2!
Moving forward, I plan to be back in action at Steelhead 70.3 followed by Augusta 70.3 and Ironman Louisville.  Right now everything is tentative but I'm itching to get back to the starting line.  I appreciate the support of all of the friends/family/sponsors who have helped me get through this little hiccup.  I often talk with my athletes about dealing with adversity and only worrying about variables that you can control.  With that in mind, plan to make the next 4 months count.   

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