Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 Season Preview

I'm sitting in sunny Florida gearing up for my first race of 2017 at St. Anthony's Triathlon.  It has been 10 years since I raced my first pro race here in 2007 and it will be fun come back and test my short course legs.  With race season just around the corner, it's time to finally update the site.  I seem to always enter the off season with plans of consistent blogging and social media presence, but it never seems to develop.  Anyone who is really interested in what I've been up to the past 6 months doesn't need public updates and playing Dad doesn't really lend itself to exciting posts!  Anyway, here's a look at my 2017 season:

St. Anthony's
Since this update has taken so long, it's also going to be a pre-race preview.  I'm completely unsure as to how the weekend will go but I am pretty confident it will be fun.  The Mad Dogs Tri club always makes us welcome and this race has long been one of my favorites.  For race-day tracking, see HERE.  For a peak into my original pro-race (and benchmark I'm trying to beat Sunday), click HERE. There are some pretty good names on that old list!

The one (only?) area that really motivates me to stay visible an up to date in the digital world is the promotion of my sponsors.  I'm lucky to have the same group of supporters coming back from last year with the addition of Pioneer and ICE Friction and I hope that my racing provides a small amount of exposure for them.  Please click on the sponsor tab for info and links to my supporters because they make it possible for me to call this a career. This is a small sport where it's tough to turn a profit and many times companies are barely more than labor of love.  I'm very fortunate to have the backing of these great companies and hopefully I provide good visibility with some solid racing in 2017.

Racing Plans
When I planned the year, I knew the months of February-April were going to be a bit chaotic with Ashely traveling/working away from Richmond and I knew I wouldn't be prepared to be on my "A" game until June.  Instead of scheduling a big build up to IMTX and making life difficult, I decided to take a different route and focus on a bit more on my not-so-stellar short course speed. Without the need to constantly get in longer rides and runs, I have been able to balance training with family obligations and have enjoyed a change of pace heading into St. Anthony's.  When May rolls around I'll be able to fully focus on building up to Lake Placid in July with a nice Raleigh/Eagleman double 70.3 block as a halfway point.  I'm very much looking forward to breaking through on my run performance, though that seems to be an annual theme!

Family Update
Balancing family and triathlon has been quite the challenge but I'm loving every minute.  Sidney recently turned 3 and has the attitude of a teenager already.  Terrible 2's didn't really manifest but the 3's seem to be making up for it!  Ashley continues to amaze me with her capacity to work and still be a great mother and wife.  I'm lucky to have the chance to be along for the ride.

I'll put together a post-race post next week with a potential look at the new bike!  Thanks for reading.


  1. good luck and i be tracking to see how you do

  2. Yay! You're back! We have fun following your career and then filling mom and dad in, too. I've been back in the pool this winter season for the first time in 6 years and loving it again.
    Hope you have a great season!