Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rev3 Poconos

This weekend, I found myself on the start line of a Rev3 race.  Having been pretty successful in the series and really liking the team behind the events, I was happy to give the olympic distance a go.  Deep into preparations for IM Mont Tremblant in 2 short weeks,  i knew my speed wasn't going to be on display (one could argue it's never really been there to display...)  I probably didn't have the best mindset about the short race but I was looking forward to shaking off the cobwebs and toeing the start line for the first time in a few months.

The lead up to the race was smooth thanks in part to the team effort of Sidney and the Boyle family.  We had two bikes, two dogs, a stroller, and seemingly enough luggage to last an entire month.  After nailing down the logistics for the two-transition set up and checking out the hills on the course, Sid and I shared our knowledge with the Pro Panel.  Everything was set for race day.  

BlueSeventy PZ4TX
When the horn sounded, it was time for 2 hours of racing on the edge.  My forte being long controlled efforts, I had to fight through the temptation to settle in and relax.  To account for the intense effort, I took a serving of First Endurance Pre-Race prior to the swim to keep me focused and on that sharp edge.  With John Kenny and fellow BlueSeventy athlete Cam Dye in the field we made quick work of the swim and gapped the field.  Once we hit dry land Cam took off like a bullet and I did my best to charge up the tough hills on the first 5 miles of the course.  Once on the flats, I really had to push the pedals to keep the Dimond rolling fast, but Joe Gambles and Jackson Laundry caught up to me around the half way mark. Knowing that only the top 4 would earn prize money, I kept my head down and did my best to fight off the long course instincts.  By the time I made it to T2, I had lost a bit more time than I would have liked but knew I had the leg strength to make the most of the tough run course ahead.

Dimond in Action
Despite trying to really push the bike power, my legs felt relatively fresh coming out of transition.  The run course was mostly on trails and included some pretty serious climbs.  Luckily, I spend the winner running hilly trails with the Hammer Tri Club so this was right up my alley.  Similar to the bike ride, I really had to push not to settle into the Ironman pacing as I did my best to hold my position.  In the last mile, I was able to relax a bit and even took the time to grab Sid to cross the finish line.  She was not amused and probably provided a pretty awful finisher picture but I was happy to share the finish with her.  Rev3 even gave her a little kids medal! 

While my 4th place finish definitely didn't set the world on fire, I felt like I was just getting warmed up by the 2 hour mark.  This bodes well for the upcoming IMMT race.  As much as I'd like to have the olympic distance speed, the long course racing is definitely more in my wheelhouse.  I really enjoyed racing with Rev3 again and the Poconos region is a beautiful region to spend a weekend.  Thank you to Ed and Sue for helping corral Sidney and congrats to Ed on his 3rd place AG finish.  As always thank you to all of the sponsors and supporters who make my racing possible.  Next up, Canada!

Wattie Ink kit looking good

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