Sunday, March 13, 2016

My "New" Bike

The guys at Dimond Bikes are always working to improve their already-awesome bike.  The new SuperFork and redesigned seat clamp came my way in the offseason so I took the opportunity to create a new masterpiece with the help of Canyon at Canyon Custom Airbrushing.  I wanted a bike that had a bit of meaning and was uniquely mine. I can safely say "Mission Accomplished".

We started planning and I wanted to do a bit of nod to my alma mater with blue and gold.  Canyon had the idea of aging the bike.  I thought that was appropriate as I'm accumulating a bit of age, rust, scars, and grey hairs (thanks Sidney) myself.  I like the reminder that it's what is inside that counts and both my body and my bike have it where it counts (Star Wars reference anyone?).  


The bike started out looking quite normal with a solid blue base coat.  Some people would have stopped there and we would have had a pretty serious rocket-ship.  Instead of stopping there, he scuffed up the paint to lay the groundwork for the aged effect and started in with altering the Dimond Logo. The drop-shadow on the logo alone is worth appreciating as art, but it almost gets lost in the total effect.

The thing is literally hand airbrushed!  The effect may seem like it's a haphazard paint job, but the attention to detail and thoughtful touches are insane...  From the streaks on the white logos to the chips in the paint to greasy fingerprints, this bike is authentic!  While it may be lost on some, carbon wouldn't rust in a million years sitting outside, but Canyon managed to make it happen in just a few weeks!

The attention to detail carried over from Canyon's paint job to Jessie's build at Carytown Bike Company.  My trusty ISM saddle and new Alto wheels were added to my di2 setup and Zipp Bars that I have run for the past few seasons.  My bottom bracket was shot, so he added a new C-Bear ceramic bottom bracket to the build.  I was so impressed with the way the new bottom bracket felt, I reached out to the company and will be riding their pulley wheels as well for the coming season!  Every watt counts and I'm looking forward to gaining that extra edge (check out this insane video).

The final product turned out better than I could have hoped.  I will be racing natural sidewall tires this year to complete the look and may even swap out the decals on my Alto wheels.  I am proud to be representing Dimond and will do my best to make this rusted old thing fly!  I'm hoping that I won't have to pass too many people this year coming out of the swim, but if I do I'll do it in style.  The new bike design may not be for everyone, but it's uniquely mine.  The same goes for my new Wattie Ink kit... but that's for another post.  

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  1. By far one of the best paint jobs I've seen !