Saturday, July 18, 2015

Healing and Training

It's been a while since I've posted, mainly because I've had my head down putting in the work to get back to the starting line.  The weeks after Knoxville were trying times and I questioned my season more than once.  My first attempt at any sort of spinning resulted in a bit of swelling that reminded me pretty strongly to take it easy.   The rational side of me knew that a short down time wasn't going to kill me  (and may even have been good for me), but the crazy athlete in me rebelled at the forced rest.  I worked with Rob at Active Chiropractic to take care of any lingering issues and simply waited for the gash in the leg to heal.  In the early weeks, I gained weight, lost motivation, and watched the race weekends go by from the sideline.  It wasn't a great period for me, but I'm lucky to have great friends and family to keep me grounded and focused on what is important!

Fit Bike Training
Since my Dimond took most of the impact and will never see the road again, I spent some time with Dave Luscan on the fit bike to put in some work while in my TT position.  We've used the time to fine tune some of the nuances of my fit and make sure that I come out of this down time ready to roll.   Being able to make small adjustments while under load and dealing with fatigue was a pretty valuable tool and made the mandatory indoor riding a bit more bearable.  We adjusted a few of my fit coordinates and those tweaks have resulted in a noticeable bump in power.

6 weeks later!
I was able to ride easy and even run for short periods within a week of the wreck, but it took a few weeks before I could do any serious training.  The pool was off-limits until the leg wound healed a bit more and open water swimming was completely out of the question.  It seemed like forever, but by the middle of June, I was back to training with a fire in my belly.  The first few weeks were pretty ugly, but there was progress.  My first time back in the water made me realize just how much I enjoy the pool.  Sometimes having something taken away from you reinforces just how important it is.  By the start of July, I was in full-tilt training and starting to feel like an athlete again.  The leg was closed 'enough' to be problem free even though the scar will be a nasty reminder of my mailbox mishap.

 As my body got closer to being in race shape, the racing 'accessories' started coming in and created the 'itch' to get back to work.  A big boost to morale came in the form of my new Dimond and the first ride with full race spec was just plain fun.  Having the bike ready to go was a visual reminder that the starting line was getting closer.  I love the feeling of flying out on the open road at full speed.  The matching Wattie Ink kit and new BlueSeventy PZ4 completed the racing package so I pulled the trigger on a local Sprint/Olympic double in Colonial Beach.  Getting back to racing, even at the local level, was just awesome.  I was able to interact with a bunch of fantastic age group athletes and pass out a bunch of First Endurance samples.  Even though I'm still not quite to the race-winning shape I need to be for IM Mont Tremblant, I was able to put together two solid efforts and enjoy a great weekend with some pretty awesome people (and one tag along that probably invited himself...)

I'm now in the midst of a big training build for Mont Tremblant and the body is performing well.  The run mileage is creeping up and the bike numbers look good.  Of the three ironman distance races I've completed, I've soloed the bike off the front for 112 miles only to be caught on the run.  I plan to change that in 4 weeks in Canada.  I'm not sure if I'll be changing the solo bike ride (I hope so... it's lonely) or being caught on the run (definitely!), but I've built up the ability to give me a decent shot of coming away with a successful race.  After the speed bumps from the first half of the season, I have a new appreciation for the opportunity I have to race and chase my big goals once again.  Thank you to anyone reading this and to those who have been in my corner this year despite the setback.  I'll send an update after my second attempt to conquer Mont Tremblant!

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  1. Keep up the great work! I had a BAD bike wreck ~25 years ago (5 days in a coma) and it took a long time to get back in shape. I've never been fast, but I've completed eleven 140.6 mile triathlons since then. Training STILL makes me feel great. Although it's all short distance this year. Happy training and good luck on your next race. And keep on going - it sounds like you're doing great! All best,