Monday, October 20, 2014

Season Review and Future Plans

At the end of every season, I like to take a bit of time and examine just where I am in my racing career.  This year was a year of transition and change with the birth of my daughter, the cancellation of the Rev3 series, and my migration toward Ironman racing.  It has been quite a wild ride, but I feel l have come through a better athlete and in a better position than when the year started.  I've taken a few weeks away from training and am ready to slowly get back into the training process for 2015.  In the coming months, I've got some work to do to achieve some pretty lofty goals.

Life has gotten better!
I have long felt that long course racing is my forte and I am excited to explore just how successful I can be at the distance.  I am currently capable of mixing it up with the best in the swim and bike but there is no way to fake an Ironman marathon.  I did my best this year trying to prepare for the distance, but my entire off-season was spent preparing for 1/2 and olympic distance racing of the Rev3 Series which sadly did not pan out.  This off-season I will be making the changes necessary to be competitive at the longer distance.  I have a long way to go to be competitive with the 2:45 runners, but I'm optimistic that it can be done.

Shortly before being passed at IMCHOO
Another big key to successful Ironman racing is avoiding injury and stringing together consistent training.  I preach this to the athletes I work with and do my best to lead by example.  Back in 2012, I suffered a pretty serious injury that I still fight with today.  In the coming weeks I'll be spending some time with Active Chiropractic here in Richmond to make sure my hips are solid and my glutes are firing.  I'll also spend some time with Dave Luscan to re-evaluate my bike fit and comfort leading into  long winter miles.  Finally, I've already started a few weekly gym sessions with my wife. They are just enough to build basic strength and remind me that I will NEVER have a gymnast's coordination, balance, or strength.
Me trying to sit cross-legged... that's as low as I go!
Looking forward to next season, I will be targeting the North American IM Championships in Texas along with a good number of the athletes I work with.  Depending on how the race goes and pending any future event announcements, I hope to be prepping for my first trip to the Big Island.   I will continue to represent my fantastic sponsors who have been extremely supportive over the years and look forward to potentially adding a bike sponsor to the fold.  I have been truly lucky to be associated with great companies and more importantly great people over the years and could not be in the position I am without their support and encouragement.  Thank you.

Highlights of Last Two Years
2013-14 Rev3 Series Champion
2014 Challenge New Albany Champion
2013 Rev3 Williamsburg Champion
10 Top-5 finishes in 15 starts
Never finished lower than 7th (DNF at IMMT)
Multiple Swim and Bike Primes
Over 24 hours and 350 miles spent in the race lead

Plans for Next Two Years
Focus on long course racing and 70.3
Continue to exploit my swim/bike prowess
Develop durability/speed on the run and gain marathon experience
Target IM Texas North American Championship in May 2015
Put together the training/race skills to break 8 hours.

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