Thursday, May 29, 2014

Racing Through Fatherhood

The time since Rev3 Knoxville has been a bit of blur.  Apparently I'm no longer protected by the looming "A" race, which means it's been time to pick up the slack with child rearing.  In fact, I'm typing this with a sleeping Sidney on my chest!  I've become the master of one-handed Training Peaks, Drinking coffee (Utopian of course) very carefully, and surviving on little sleep.  

In my mind, I'm still the sharp, finely tuned athlete that wore bib #1 at Knoxville:

But in reality, this is more of what I've been working with over the past 10 days:

I've been training and preparing for my upcoming races, but am relying on my massive pre-Sidney training base and newly found "dad strength" to get me through.  I'm itching to get back to the start line but have enjoyed a bit of balance in my life these last few weeks that is quite satisfying.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of competing in the inaugural Rev3 Rush at Richmond International Speedway.  I had no business racing the short stuff, especially with my lack of speed work and limited sleep, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have some fun!  The Rev3 team didn't disappoint with a fantastic event that is one of my new favorite races.  Some of the images captured over the weekend show just how epic the event was and could big it could grow to be!

Elite Development Start
Bike Pack on the Track! 
Spectators Galore!
My the two-day format made for a weekend full of fun even if I was out of my element.  I won my heat on Saturday by basically going solo from the gun, but couldn't cope with the punchy group dynamics on Sunday.  I finished 6th in the field and really enjoyed mixing it up with some of the up and coming draft legal athletes.  It was a great speed workout leading into my next 70.3 races and the whole family was able to enjoy our first race together.  In a few years, I can see Sid buzzing around the track in the kids race (assuming she looses her current double chin...).

Since the weekend, I've put in the finishing touches to my preparation for 70.3 Raleigh this weekend. Despite my unorthodox preparation the past few weeks, I feel like I can crank out a pretty good performance.  Assuming no 500 watt surges or 5:00 miles will be needed, my aerobic engine should be primed and ready.  I'm testing out a new First Endurance prototype EFS HP drink that I will be utilizing for my upcoming Ironman build.  It should be great!

Even if the race goes slightly off-plan, at least I'll have a night of glorious sleep in my hotel room!

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  1. Eric, it was way cool hanging out under the tent with you and working with Stu announcing your first heat! Congrats on Knoxville. Raleigh is shaping up to be a great race. (Saving myself for Rev3 Williamsburg.) Keep up the training, racing but most of all being an awesome Dad! Maybe you'll come out to a Rev3 race for training soon.