Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 Preview Part 3: "Training and Racing"

It's getting to be that time of year when the long off season slowly turns into pre-season and eventually it will be time to race! I have always enjoyed the process of training, but my true love is toeing the start line and plunging head first into battle with myself and my competitors.  I'm slowly building in intervals, including a few hill efforts, and generally getting more focused on key sessions in training but it is all just laying the groundwork for a successful season.  While training has been going well, I can't wait to see the transition area set up and waiting for the energy of race day.

I have posted my planned race schedule here on the site and will update it if there are any changes.  With our baby girl due less than 2 weeks before St. Anthony's, I know I will have to be somewhat flexible in my plans (Understatement perhaps?).  The Rev3 series has been my focus for the last 18 month and I have really grown to like the people, courses, and atmosphere that come with it.  It's an obvious choice to race Knoxville as it is the finale of the 2013 series, but for me it is also obvious to continue with Rev3 for the rest of 2014.

Very simply, they do things right and treat their athletes well. If you haven't seen it, check out the interview with the big boss on Slowtwitch HERE.  He mentions the great team he has working for him and I agree.  Add in the fact that the Rev3 races have a reasonable prize distribution (more than the top 3 athletes can cover travel costs... how novel), and I can't see why I would go anywhere else.

I'd love to do a few full distance races since that is where I feel my true abilities can be found, but from a business perspective it makes no sense.  I stand to benefit more from a successful Knoxville race this year than I would if I were to get top 5 at Kona and that's not including the physical abuse I'd accumulate trying to qualify.  Greg Bennett said it best a few years ago... double the distance, half the money.  Sad but true.

I will be looking forward to a full season of Rev3 racing after Knoxville is over.  I enjoy going back to familiar races and seeing familiar faces.  The new Rev3 Rush in Richmond will be phenomenal (I hear rumors of our local tri community planning to show everyone a good time!) and I still have dreams (nightmares) of tackling the Quassy run course yet again.  I look forward to defending my Williamsburg title, but this time at the Olympic distance.

Getting my road bike ready!
There are many exciting times ahead for me this season and I can't wait to get started. Until then, I'll keep plugging away at my training regimen.  I like to keep my head down and my efforts focused.  I've got miles and miles of hard work in front of me for just a few hours of perfect speed come race day.  It's not the easiest time of year right now, mentally or physically, but I'm squarely focused on the goal at hand.

Happy training!

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