Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Preview Part 1: "Real Life"

In the coming week or two, I'll be previewing the coming season in three separate blog posts.  I can't sit down long enough to cram it all into one, so I'll get one out now covering my 'real life' updates.  Part two will cover my sponsors and the third will cover my training and race schedule for the year.

Believe it or not, there's more to life than competition and athletics.  I'm constantly reminded of this, but never so strongly as when I look at my wife who is entering her 3rd trimester next week.  We are expecting our first baby girl on April 16th and I'm pretty sure my world is about to be rocked.

We took some time last month to sneak away to Jamaica for a 'babymoon' and it was fantastic to be lazy and enjoy ourselves.  My workouts included participation in an authentic Jamaican dance show.  I didn't get booed off the stage but I did get a few laughs! When I told them I couldn't move my hips well, they told me I moved them well enough if I had a pregnant wife!  Touché!

Back in Va, I have enjoyed a bit of unstructured training while letting my mind recover from the long season.  I find it's incredibly important to take a step away and recharge if I want to be on my best during race season.  I trained when I felt like it and did some events just for fun.  Yes, I gained some weight and lost some fitness... BUT I got to drink some pretty damn good beer.  

Ashley and I have made a habit of walking Ivan around the neighborhood almost every night and have done our best to find some of Richmond's great restaurants.  With both of us extremely focused on our careers, we don't often enough take the time to breathe and spend time together.  It's the little things that make life worth living.  By the way, this breakfast was all for me...

Moving forward, I'm dialing in my training and nutrition to be at my peak by May.  I've worked out my sponsorship and race schedule for the coming year and those will be detailed in coming posts.  For now, rest assured I'm refreshed and ready for a great 2014.  Stay tuned...

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