Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rev3 Florida Preview

It's been a long season of racing starting over 6 months ago in Knoxville and I'll wrap it up at Rev3 Florida this weekend.  I've been able to race consistently throughout the season and stay healthy, so it's already been a good year.   Sitting first in the Rev3 series is a great position to be in, but I'm not satisfied with a  good year.  I want a great one.  Just like an individual race isn't won or lost until the finish line is crossed,  the series is still very much in play.  With great athletes like Cam Dye, Richie Cunningham, Dave Thompson, and Leon Griffin in a position to take the lead I know I've got to race well.

Luckily, I've been training well and am coming into the race fresh and ready to go.  Last year, I was barely running a mile without pain and literally limped through the race.  This year will be different.  Since Branson, I've been consistent and smart with training and I plan to have that show this weekend.  Anything can happen on race day, so be sure to tune in to Sunday to see how it unfolds!

Training mode vs Racing mode:

A quick thank you to all of you who have been instrumental in helping me race well this season.  First Endurance Nutrition, BlueSeventy, ISM Saddles, Utopian Coffee, The Sport Factory, 3Sports and now Carytown Bikes in Richmond.  I'll lay it all on the line for you this weekend.  

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