Monday, August 5, 2013

Heat Training with First Endurance

The month or so has been pretty miserable here in VA.  The heat and humidity have been unrelenting with the exception of a few pop-up thunderstorms which don't exactly help with training!  I find myself waking up before the sun rises to get in my intensity workouts and really pulling back on my recovery/endurance workouts when they have to be done in the afternoon.

That being said, I've been able to put in a pretty good body of work gearing up for Rev3 Wisconsin.  I attribute this mainly in large part to the First Endurance system.  This may seem like a shameless sponsor post, but there is a reason I'm so happy to be associated with these products.  Even before I was a sponsored athlete,  I was spending money on their stuff.  That's saying a good bit considering I was a poor swim coach (as opposed to the poor triathlete I am now!)

Let me start by saying I wasn't asked to write this.  I'm very definitely biased toward the products, but this hasn't been reviewed/approved/requested by the powers that be at First Endurance.  Ok, disclaimer out of the way, here are my thoughts:

First Endurance is great because they have a system of products designed to be used together.  While that may sound like marketing talk, it's one of the things that I've come to appreciate more than anything.  I take the Multi-V and Optygen HP in the morning.  I use the EFS drink and liquid shot to fuel training and use Ultragen after hard workouts.  Nothing fancy, just follow the labels and it works.  If I'm on a longer ride I'll mix up the EFS and liquid shot, but if it's short and sweet I'll just stick with EFS drink.  By following the recommended usage I keep my fluids, calories, and electrolytes in check. Simple.  I continue to hydrate throughout the day of course, but by paying attention to my workouts I stop the damage from the heat before it becomes an issue.

My First Endurance arsenal
I generally know that I "need" my EFS when the sweat starts dripping, but it's when the  Ultragen when the goes down in something like 5 seconds that I know my body has been put under stress.  I eat very well to be sure, but having a well thought out system of nutrition products in my corner makes it easy to keep my training load up during these crazy hot days.  I follow the labels, and it takes the guess work out of my workout fueling.  It's really that easy.

A key part in my training has been Optygen HP and many people ask me if it's 'worth it'.  It's not cheap and the effects aren't exactly black and white, but I know I train better when I've taken it for a month or so.  The new and improved formula is what got me through the two months leading up to Rev3 Williamsburg, so I'm not going to argue with the results!  At the highest level, every little bit helps.  If you're 20 lbs overweight and train 4-5 hours/week it's probably not worth your time.  If you're a dedicated athlete at the pointy end of the field, I wouldn't hesitate to add it to your training regimen!

If you have any questions on my use of the FE products, feel free to contact me at

Happy Training!

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