Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Race Season is HERE!

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally decided to sit down and update the site for the 2013 season.  For those of you who were holding your breath, you can go ahead and exhale!

The past few months have been very productive and most importantly, injury free.  I've been able to put in consistent work and slowly build up to race fitness.  Looking back one year ago, I wasn't even walking without pain so in a way the season is already a success!  I'm currently fit, lean, and ready to race at Rev3 Knoxville this Sunday.  It seems like the winter took forever, but it's nice to be prepping for the start line once agin.

In order to make sure all systems are go, I had a tune up race weekend last weekend with the local Chasing Chicken Triathlon put on by Richmond Multisport.  It was a short 300m swim/13 mile bike/5k run, but it was long enough to work out the racing kinks.  I tested out new race wheels and aerobars as well as making sure I remembered how to do a flying mount/dismount!

I look like I know what I'm doing!

I passed the race test with flying colors (and no broken bones).  My power meter battery died right before the race, which would have been miserable right before a big race but since it was only 13 miles I just put my head down and pedaled hard.  I wish I had data on the ride as I averaged over 26.5mph on a not-so-flat course.  In the end, I finished in 52:41 and a new course record.  Not bad for a guy looking towards long course racing this year!
Short, but PAINFUL!

After the race, I made a quick drive over to a 1500m open water race put on by Peluso Open Water.  The river was cold and the current was strong, so it was a great challenge considering I'd just redlined for close to an hour!  I survived the test yet again (partially thanks to my BlueSeventy Wetsuit) and came out of the water in just under 20 min.

Swimming close to shore to fight the current!

After the trial race weekend, I've been busy taking care of the little things that come with the race season.  I've got my new race kit being printed, my bike fit being dialed in, and will have shaved legs shortly!  Now I just have to find a way to get a bit of a tan before any sunny races roll around!

Pale, but fit! 

I'm looking forward to starting this season in earnest next weekend and competing in the awesome Rev3 series yet again.  They put on top notch races and treat athletes right!  I'm also looking forward to continuing to represent my great sponsors.  BlueSeventy, First Endurance, ISM Saddles, Utopian Coffee, and The Sport Factory keep me equipped,healthy, fit, fast, comfortable, and caffeinated!

Finally, I'm always racing for a cause bigger than myself and will continue to do my best to raise awareness for the Blazeman Foundation.  Click on the link on the right of this site to help out.  I've got a new top tube reminder that I can always dig a bit deeper and a live a bit more...

That's all for now, more to come after Rev3 Knoxville!

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