Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Training Day

It's just under 2 weeks from the Rev3 Cedar Point race and I'm itching to race!  The past few weeks have gone very well as I've maintained the balance between racking up the volume and avoiding overtraining/injury.  I know my build up has not been ideal due to the short time, but I'm convinced I'll toe the line fresh, healthy, and as prepared as possible given the circumstances.
My training volume, especially the run, is about 1/3 of what I'd like it to be, but that may be a good thing!  Each of my main workouts have been successful and my race day fueling/pacing/strategy is set in stone.  If I had been able to put in the work I had planned, I may have been too fatigued to knock out  the workouts and maintain razor focus in the process.
I wrote earlier that I'd share a training day, so here is a quick review of my last race-pace brick (14 days out from race day):
3 hour ride followed by 10k run

60 min w.u.
40min IM power (255w)
10min 95% threshold (335w)
20 min c.d.

10k @ 6:45pace.

My goal was to push the limits on the bike and settle right back into IM pace.  It's tough to change gears and let loose, but almost harder to settle back into a steady effort without taking some time to rest/recover.  It was a successful bike with HR right where I'd expect and an ez effort to maintain IM Power.  Here's a shot of the power file for the main portion of the ride:

I was able to keep my power under control and steady even with a bit of terrain.  I only pushed above threshold for the first minute or so of the first threshold segment just to stretch the legs and get the body ready to move.  The HR mirrored power very closely and settled down quickly after the harder efforts.  

During the ride, I took in 4 servings of EFS Orange in 2 water bottles as well as 2 liquid shots in the Shiv bladder.  It's roughly 400 cal/hr with plenty of electrolytes and zero stomach issues.  

After the ride, I took just a few minutes to tie up the running shoes, hit the restroom, and grab a flask of 50% water/50% liquid shot for the 10k run.  My goal was to simulate the first 10k of the marathon and not go out too fast.  With my limited long course experience, I tend to over-estimate how fast I can run for the entire race. This may be familiar to some of you reading!

I did not look at my watch the first 2 miles and ran at what I thought was a good effort.  It worked well as I came through 2 miles in 13:45 with a 141 HR.  That's quite a bit slower than anything I'd run in the shorter races, but my goal is to have the first 10k of the marathon be slower than the last.  I finished the last 4.2 miles a bit faster at 6:45 pace and my HR stayed right around 145-147.  I finished feeling like another 20 miles would be possible.  During the run I finished the flask of water/liquid shot again with no stomach issues.  I would put my HR file here, but it's a flat line both pace-wise and HR-wise.  

5 minutes after stopping, my HR was back down to resting and I was in good shape as I stretched out and sipped on Ultragen.  Too many people feel completely trashed after big workouts for long course racing...  If you can't handle something 1/2-1/3 of the distance of your race, you'll be in trouble on the big day!  I finished off with a shower and a quick nap with the Recovery Pump running and Ivan supervising.  I woke up a bit stiff, so a quick 1k in the pool was in order.  

Overall, I finished the day feeling good and confident about my chances in two weeks.  Gotta love when everything goes as planned!

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