Friday, May 18, 2012

PT and the Long Road Back

 It's been two months since the first pangs of injury and it seems like two years!  I've gone through all of the phases of athletic grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) and have finally started looking forward to getting back to the starting line.  I still have quite a literal pain in the butt, but things are looking up.  Here's a quick recap:

Advanced Wellness Physical Therapy
I was lucky enough to get hooked up with Andy Symula at Advanced Wellness and together we've been able to develop a plan of attack for my injury.  Between stretching, strengthening, massage, and progressive training we've been able to make steady progress.  Of course there have been bumps along the way and it hasn't always been painless (see the sad, atrophied, bruised leg below after a rough trigger point session).   I'm now up to the point where I'm able to add in some intensity to the mix thanks to Andy's multidisciplinary approach and unwillingness to accept defeat in the quest to figure this thing out.  I couldn't be happier with the progress we've made.

Down Time Well Spent
Despite the progress at the PT office, I've been extremely limited in what I can do without pain.  For a while I was stir-crazy, but I'm getting better at adapting to 'real life' without hours and hours of training each day.  I've been working with my Sport Factory athletes as well as a few local Richmond triathletes and swimmers who I am able to live through vicariously.  I've also been able to slow down a bit and enjoy life. Ashley and I enjoy a few fire-lit dinners (when she's home before midnight!) and have made more efforts to get out and explore Richmond on her infrequent days off.  I was also lucky to have a visit from future Olympian Mark Wade and the best man in my wedding, Rob, fresh off of his Master's Nationals swim performance.  15 years ago, the picture below would have included some sort of dyed hair and probably some muscle flexing...  

All Perspective Aside...
I'm dying to get back to training and racing!  I have cancelled my entry into Rev3 Quassy and Rev3 Portland, but I hope to be back on the start line in late July at the Giant Eagle 5150 Triathlon before keying in on Rev3 Cedar Point.  I recently received my Blue Seventy Helix in the mail and can't wait to try it out.  I've been constantly using the First Endurance products for my limited training, but today was the first day I felt a little Pre-Race usage was called for.  4x800 at the track may seem like a small workout, but I don't think I've been happier with 2:40's in my life!  Hopefully my next post here will have a bit more impressive stats with it.  

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