Sunday, April 15, 2012

Injury Update

It's been two weeks since my DNF at Miami and I'm still on the sidelines from training.  Sadly, the hamstring seems to have gotten worse as opposed to better!  I attempted to spin ez a few times, but that has only resulted in more pain afterwards.  The pool has been a bit better to me, but I cannot do flipturns, or even open turns, without pain.  I have been able to get in a few k worth of 25's, but it's maddening!  Any motion that brings my heel to my butt is a no-go.  The extent of my running has been jogging across the street to avoid a car and even that had me pulling up with pain...  Long story short, training is going to be on hold for a while until I take care of my body!

I have been being proactive on this with visits to Active Chiropractic and Hands on Wellness, which have helped clear up any secondary pain/tightness.  Unfortunately, the main cause still remains.  I am working on getting into a PT office at VCU as soon as possible to get as many eyes on me as possible to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to heal quickly.  After a good bit of extensive research and self differential diagnosis, I believe the cause of my pain is high hamstring tendinopathy (see article link below).  This is basically an over-use injury that causes the tendon at my hamstring attachment to become severely inflamed and painful.  It's a pain in the butt, literally!  Looking back, I may have been dealing with symptoms of this starting way back at the 2nd half of last season (of course that may be me just being neurotic).  Over the winter, when my intensity was lower, I had no problems.  As the intensity came back I started to have what I thought were 'normal' aches and pains in my right side. I believe the first race in Costa Rica running in the sand was just the final straw that finally convinced me to stop ignoring the problem.  Of course, trying to train through it for two weeks leading into Miami probably wasn't the smartest... The DNF proved that!

So where do I go from here?  It mainly depends on how my pain progresses.  One of the main themes from researching my injury is the negative effects of starting back to early.  I am going to be very aggressive with therapy, strengthening, and range of motion exercises; but I am going to have to wait until I'm pain free to start back to even partial training. My hope is that it will only be 3-4 weeks, but the potential is there for me to be out a number of months!  Obviously not the way I envisioned the year turning out!  Instead of reaping the benefits of my first full off-season of training, I'm back to square one!  I'll be updating the blog as things improve and hopefully I'll be back to the starting line ASAP!

For those of you interested, here is a pretty good article on what I'm dealing with:

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  1. Sorry to hear Eric. :( I've dealt with this same injury extensively towards the end of my running days and into the beginning of my tri days. The only thing that was useful/helpful for me was active release therapy. It was actually a lifesaver! Of course I'm sure everyone is different. Hope you heal up quick!!!!