Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let's Race!

The 2012 race season is almost here as I prepare for Rev3 Costa Rica this weekend.  I'm coming off my first full off season and looking forward to seeing just where I am after a solid 5 months of preparation.  I've already expressed my excitement and enthusiasm is my previous post, but I have gained even more confidence in the past month or so.  The speed is slowing coming up on the track workouts and my power output is right where I'd hoped it would be for the first race.  I've been lucky enough to stay healthy and in one piece thanks to a smart training program from Matt at The Sport Factory and stopping in to see Sara at Hands on Wellness as well as Dr. Greene at Active Chiropractic.  I've also started using Recovery Pump and it's really made a difference in bouncing back after key workouts. 

The biggest part of the challenge is to get to the starting line healthy and strong without dealing with nagging injuries.  I believe I've walked the tight rope well...

(with a bit of help from my personal trainer)....

I'm currently sitting in Ft. Lauderdale acclimating to the heat thanks to my awesome relatives, Jim and Claudia.  They've shared their home with me numerous times throughout the years (including back when I was a swimmer!) and I'm not sure I could ask for a better gift!  It's been great to get a bit of heat training in and relaxation before getting down to business.
My view!
I'll be heading down to Costa Rica tomorrow and am looking forward to a great race with a pretty serious men's field.  My goal is to crack the top 5 and I know that it will be tough.  This will be the first of the Rev3 races for the year and my first chance to start accumulating points for the series.  I've got thee Olympic Distance races coming up before switching gears to focus on the half distance for Quassy and then the Full Rev at Cedar Point.  It's a long season, but I'm going into it with a full head of steam and plan to keep the momentum going all summer long.  I'll do my best to keep the site updated, but will also be continuing to Tweet throughout my travels.

My Race-Day Gear!
Thanks to 3 Sports for getting my equipment ready and to First Endurance and The Sport Factory for getting my body ready!

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