Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 is Looking Good!

I'm 30 days out from my first race in Costa Rica and I'm itching to step up to the start line!  This past winter has been my first opportunity to train full time and I've been taking advantage of it with the help of Matt Russ at The Sport Factory.  My power numbers are up roughly 10% from last year and I'm running consistently faster in the first few track workouts this season.  My swimming has maintained and every once and a while I even feel like a swimmer!  Here's a look at my workouts of the last week:

11 x 150 SCM on 2:00, held 1:40's
3 x 15 min @ 345w on the bike.
2 x 600-800-1000 on the track holding 4:44-4:49-4:55 pace.

It's been nice to see decent numbers coming out of each of the three disciplines and I now have the time to recover well in between workouts.  Of course, I always follow a hard workout with First Endurance Ultragen.  I also am very consistent with rolling on the foam roller and stretching out.  I've also hooked up with Hand On Wellness massage to make sure that I 'm ready to attack my next effort. 

On the non-training side of things, I'm working on getting more involved with the local Richmond Tri community.  I've met with Richmond Multisport and 3Sports about promoting the sport and creating a great local scene.  I swim regularly with the Peluso Open Water group and love the enthusiasm coming out of the pool every Sunday.  Sara at Hands on Wellness, as I mentioned above, is helping with massage and is located at the 3Sports River Rd. store.  She has experience with the Race Across America and Ultra distance racing, so I'm in good hands! 

Outside of Richmond, I've brought on Utopian Coffee as a sponsor for the season and recommend you check them out if you enjoy a fresh, high quality start to the day.  BlueSeventy is back on board for the year and has been my longest sponsorship partner.  They have also teamed up with the Rev3 Series, which is my main focus this year.  In fact, if you are looking to enter a Rev3 race, there is a deal where you can buy a Helix Wetsuit (which are awesome!) and get a free entry to a race... Not a bad deal!  First Endurance is back as well and is coming out with a great new Coffee-flavored liquid shot that will make training that much more enjoyable.  Speaking of enjoyable, my butt is always planted on an ISM saddle.  Oh, so nice.

Overall, it's going to be a very exciting 2012.  My race schedule is finalized and posted, my training is on target, and my sponsors are great.  I'm still working on spreading the word on the Blazeman Foundation and hope to earn a bit of prize money to donate to the cause this year.  You can help by clicking on the icon on the upper right side of the page.  I like the idea of racing for something larger than myself and have all the motivation I need to be successful.  When I toe the line in a month, all I have to do is execute... Just the way I like it.  

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  1. Sara is the best isn't she. I am looking forward to reading your race reports and keeping up with you throughout the year. It is nice to have a local pro to follow. I have had some great race prep going myself and look forward to racing come April. Like I said, looking forward to hearing more about your training and racing.