Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Washington DC 5150 Race Report
This weekend, I visited the nation’s capital for my third race in the 5150 series.  Since I recently moved to Richmond, this race now qualifies as a local race for me.  I drove up Saturday afternoon just in time for the Pro meeting and was ready to race less than 20 hours later.  Coming off a month of sporadic training and the stress that comes from moving, I was keeping an open mind about the race and the way my body would respond. 

It was overcast and drizzling as we jumped into the Potomac River for the 9am start. I settled into second place behind John Kenny and swam comfortably through the course coming out of the water in just over 17 and a half minutes and feeling really good!   I was in 2nd place (not 1st as reported here) ahead of a large pack of athletes.  Years of swimming and the BlueSeventy speed suit helped my confidence heading onto the bike.

I rolled out of transition and pushed the bike to stay ahead of the group.  I was successful for the first 5 miles, but was eventually swallowed up by the group of 10 or so athletes that exited the water behind me.  As I kept pushing, my knees and lower back gently reminded me that I’d been moving boxes for the past few weeks!  I was able to hold it together and came into T2 in 8th place, but I was not looking forward to the run on pretty trashed legs.  The first miles were pretty rough as I struggled to find a rhythm, but about half way I hit my stride and was able to bring it home a bit faster heading into the finish.  I came across the line in 9th place and completely beat.  I was very happy to be in the top ten for the race, especially on a day that was definitely not my best.  My pacing, nutrition, and effort were right on target.  If I can add in a bit more fitness, it could be a great 2nd half of the year!

I’m looking forward to getting back to a training routine and having a solid string of upcoming races.  My next race will be in Minneapolis at the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon.  Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of my racing, especially in this year of transition.  I’m now training full time and will have the results to show for it shortly.  Thanks to Kiwami Triathlon, Newton Running, First Endurance, ISM Saddles, BlueSeventy, and Great Clips for their sponsorship.

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  1. Link - we saw you at this race! I (Justin) was doing the sprint and we thought we saw you go running by later in the pro event, but I didn't see your name on the list. Anyways, great job. We will actually be down in Richmond on August 21st because Kristin is signed up for a triathlon down there. We would love to see you guys if you will be around. Kristin's email is Let us know!

    - Justin and Kristin Novak