Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My buddy Adam and his family in the Blazeman Newsletter!

An exerpt from the Blazman Foundation Newsletter:
(By the way, Adam qualified for Kona wearing Jon's number!!!)

Adam Webber, Blaize, EagleMan and #179

Our trip to EagleMan earlier this month was special in many ways...we finally got to meet 2yr. old Blaize Webber, a very active toddler that was named after Jon. We met his dad at St. Anthony's two years ago shortly before he was born. Blaize was born with his own set of physical challenges but that does not slow this young boy the least! He is such a delight and certainly reminded me of Jon at that age...always on the go!! Adam wore #179 this year at EagleMan and we were delighted!!!

Bdad, Stephanie, Adam, Blaize and bmom at EagleMan

This event, thanks to race director Rob Vigorito's generous donation of 20 charity slots of which we filled 11 this year netted over $8000 toward the ALS tissue acquisition fund at the University of Maryland's Brain and Tissue Bank. This tissue will be used solely for ALS be shared with ALS researchers around the world. This was Jon's mission as he gave of his own brain and tissue upon his passing...he believed in not only "talking the talk, but also walking the walk". We are very proud of our son who faced the certainty of ALS death with strength and great courage.
We hope sooner than later to achieve ...not hope, but a cure...we long to hear the words..."I am an ALS Survivor"!!

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